Senior Suicide
is Real.

According to National Institute of Mental Health, older adults comprise just 12% of the population, but they make up approximately 18% of suicides.

In 2020, among the nearly 46,000 suicides that took place in our country, more than 9,000 were attributed to those age 65 and up. Senior Citizens tend to plan suicide more carefully and are more likely to use lethal methods. Sadly, this tendency, means they are more successful in their attempt.

1 in 4 Seniors will succeed

in a suicide attempt

Among people who attempt suicide, one in four seniors will succeed, compared to 1 in 200 youths. Even if a senior fails a suicide attempt, they are less likely to recover from the effects.

There is hope. You are not alone.

The Human Resource Council, and our programs associated through the Meals on Wheels Programs, provides resources to our elderly population.

We believe in the power of human interaction and its impact on loneliness, depression and isolation. Our Senior Centers provide a place for human interaction, community through meals and games, and provides a safe place for our clients.

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Volunteer hugging elderly woman.