The numbers speak.

Join the network of two million volunteers across the country. See how we are making a difference in the Red River valley.

In 2022, Meals on Wheels provided more than 170,000 meals to our five county service area. While our client information remains confidential, we feel that nothing speaks louder than the statistics that drive our passion and mission.

In the USA

1 in 5 Americans

are 60 and older


Seniors have incomes
below the poverty line


Of low income, food insecure seniors were not receiving the meals they needed prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

In our Service Area

Present day


Of the clients we serve are living alone or with another food insecure, senior or disabled family member



Of our clients indicated that without the meals we provide they would go hungry.



Indicated that the meal they receive from us is the only meal they eat each day.

Present day


Indicated that our meal delivery driver is typically the only social contact they get each day.

The Human Resource Council, and our programs associated through the Meals on Wheels Programs, provides resources to our elderly population.

We believe in the power of human interaction and its impact on loneliness, depression and isolation. Our Senior Centers provide a place for human interaction, community through meals and games, and provides a safe place for our clients.

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Volunteer hugging elderly woman.