Point-in-time report.

In 2021, 7054 were identified as both sheltered and unsheltered in Texas, with 1662 of those being 17 or younger and 465 being Veterans.


In 2021, a Point-in-Time Count was performed revealing 326,000 individuals experiencing “Sheltered Homelessness” in our the Nation. This figure represents those residing in Emergency Shelters, Transitional Shelters or other temporary settings.

In Lamar County

Through canvassing by volunteers, we made contact with 45 individuals experiencing homelessness. 8 of those were 17 or younger and 5 were veterans.

Lamar County is 1000 doors short of being able to house everyone.

In a report we received earlier this year from the school districts in our ten county service area, there were 555 students identified as homeless*. By definition of this report, those minors are living on the street, car, shelter, or couch surfing.

While the statistics are staggering, we know that as a community we can make a big impact. Horizon House serves as a transitional shelter with the overall mission to help those in need of permanent housing. We are more than a shelter, we build relationships and offer services to help our clients move into the next phase of their life.

*Schools count couch surfing as homeless. However, HUD’s (Housing & Urban Development) definition of unsheltered homelessness does not include couch surfing and doubled and tripled up households.

Horizon House’s definition of “Experiencing Homelessness” is any individual who does not have a safe place to sleep tonight.

How Horizon House has helped


total nights

In 2022, Horizon House provided 11,138 total nights of safe shelter to our clients. During that time, 24 children were admitted to the shelter.



Our staff assisted with 1553 total referrals for in-house and out-of-house clients in 2022. We also helped to provide 249 Metro Passes and 80 of our clients moved into their own home or apartment!

Point-in-time report for 2022

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